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Try it: Hazlina showing her chocolate fountain

Friday June 18, 2010
Chocolatey goodness

JOHOR BARU: Chocolate fountains have become the new “in thing” with party planners, especially those from Singapore, who prefer fuss-free soirees.
Bliss Candy shop owner Hazlina Mahmood, who also rents out chocolate fountain equipment, said that many people especially Singaporean families had been warming up to the idea of spicing up their parties with sweet treats.
“I have been getting so many orders from Singapore that I even offer delivery service to the island.
“Some couples rent the fountains to add a unique feature to their wedding parties,” she said.
She said other customers rent the chocolate fountain for birthday parties, baby showers and even annual dinners.
“Each rental package comes with the chocolate mixture, wooden skewers, paper plates and napkins,” she said, adding that the fee was RM399 per day.
Hazlina said her clients had no qualms about paying extra for add-ons such as fruits, marshmallows and cookies.
She explained that the extra charges would differ according to the type of fruits and sweets selected.
“Customers can choose from four choices of chocolate, which are sweet, semi-sweet, bitter-sweet and dark chocolate.
“The most popular items for dipping that my customers usually go for are strawberries and marshmallows,” said the 30-year-old.
She said the chocolate fountain trend had taken off because people these days preferred hassle-free parties that they did not need to spend hours preparing for.
“With chocolate fountains, they just need to order our services and we provide delivery to our customer’s doorstep.
“If someone rents the larger machines, I will usually be present to help them set up,” she said, adding that each machine costs an average of RM6,000 to RM10,000.
Hazlina said she planned to expand her year-old business by getting hotels as clients.
“I have sent proposals to hotels to include my chocolate fountain in their buffet spreads and their functions,” she said.
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